We love sharing what we’re up to, but rather than a corporate blog we let the team run them, unfiltered! Be warned…


The End of the Beginning

Blog - The End of the Beginning

We’re excited to announce that Space Ape has entered a long-term strategic partnership with Supercell.

Space Apes

Blog - Space Apes

Have an insider's peek at what goes on in our office!

The Ape Grid

Blog - The Ape Grid

Under the hood: The technology behind our games.

UX Blog

Blog - UX Blog

Thoughts on Experience Design from a lively games studio in Soho, London.

Art Team Blog

Blog - Art Team Blog

A behind the scenes look into the work, ideas and inspiration of the art team.

Space Ape Live!

Blog - Space Ape Live!

Into games? Into gaming and game development in real-time? Wicked! Check us out during our regular weekly stream here and join us for Q&A’s, Giveaways and general chatter